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About the Program

Q. Who can use the Program?

A: The program is available to anyone who may be interested in trading in a qualifying product. Qualified products are those available for selection from the home page.

Q. Why recycle with CEBuyBack.com?

A: The CEBuyBack.com team and its partners, have over 20 years of experience in providing valuations for used electronic equipment. CEBuyBack.com will provide the maximum trade-in value for your used electronic equipment wherever possible as well as providing an environmentally friendly and EPA approved way of recycling outdated electronic equipment that has no trade-in value.

Q. How do I register with CEBuyBack.com?

A: Simply select your product category from the home page and then answer the simple questions provided so our calculator can assess the potential reward value. You will then be prompted to continue with the registration process by providing us with your mailing information. Once you have provided your information and accepted the terms and conditions of the program, you will receive a member login ID and a temporary password along with access to a prepaid shipping label. This same information will be provided in an e-mail for later use.

Q. How do I get the Sears Gift Card from CEBuyBack.com?

A: Once your Trade-In has been accepted and a value determined, CEBuyBack.com will issue a Sears Gift Card to you by mail for the final assessed value to be used online and in store at any Sears and Kmart location. Please allow 14 days for mailing of your Sears Gift Card after you receive your final valuation e-mail for your trade-in item.

Q. What does CEBuyBack.com do with the equipment they receive?

A: All equipment received by CEBuyBack.com will either be reconditioned or recycled. Some equipment may be sold into the secondary or used marketplace in its whole machine form, and some equipment may be disassembled and sold off as usable service parts. Equipment that cannot be reused or refurbished will be designated for recycling and will be broken down into its raw material format here in the U.S. and used to produce new materials. CEBuyBack.com employs a zero tolerance landfill policy.

Q. Do you sell my trade-in items overseas?

A: We remarket fully functional products overseas to legitimate businesses. Frequently overseas markets are the best source of reuse for your previously owned consumer electronics.

Q. Do you ever donate items?

A: Yes, we frequently donate products, but not on an individual basis. For example through our corporate relationships, some go to shelters, senior citizens homes, schools and 911 services.

Q. Are you a certified recycler?

A: We are a certified, audited and registered ISO 14001:2004 recycler. Us along with our end of life service partners meet and exceed EPA e-waste and e-Steward guidelines to ensure your products are recycled in the most environmentally conscious manner available.

About Trade-In Values

Q. How is the trade-in value determined?

A: Trade-in value offers are based on the reuse value of the item you are trading in. Click here and you'll be able to determine if your product is eligible for a reward value. Once we receive your product at our processing centers we will complete an independent inspection to determine the final reward value.

In some cases you may be eligible to complete your trade in process through a participating Kmart or Sears retail location. At the end of your registration process we will inform you if a participating retail store is within your immediate vicinity. In this case you may bring your item to the service counter for an in store trade. As long as your item has been determined to have a reward value by an in-store associate using the same criteria provided to you, a store Gift card for the stated amount will be issued to you on behalf of CEBuyBack.com. CEBuyBack will provide the retail store with proper packaging and shipping supplies to ensure your trade in product is received at a CEBuyBack processing center for final disposition.

Q. Do trade-in values ever change?

A: Yes. Periodically, CEBuyBack.com will review the current trade-in value table and update the Value Calculator based on market conditions.

Q. Will a quoted trade-in value ever change?

A: As long as we are able to receive the product quoted within 30 days, and as long as the item is verified as meeting the specifications and condition you initially stated at time of quote, your quoted value will remain the same. After the 30 day period has expired, the quoted value may change and it will be necessary to obtain a new quote.

About Acceptable Products

Q. What products will CEBuyBack.com accept in trade or recycle?

A: A list of qualifying trade-in products is available by clicking here to access the main trade-in page.

Q. What if my product is not listed, or I don’t wish to, or can’t answer the questions?

A: If your product is not listed on the home page then we can not take this item through this mail back service. If your product category is available for selection but your specific make and model are not shown, it is likely not able to offer a trade value, but can be recycled for free by selecting Don’t Know/Other from the menu choices, allowing you to complete the necessary evaluation to proceed with product registration.

Q. What if the condition of the product is different from what I represented?

A: For products traded-in online: If the product's condition differs materially from that which you described, CEBuyBack.com reserves the right to re-price the transaction quote using the same condition parameters originally available to you. You agree to state product conditions accurately and to the best of your ability based on the guidelines posted on this site. Packing and shipping recommendations should be followed in order to avoid possible damage or loss. You'll be notified of the final evaluated value via email. All trade-ins are final. Your product will not be returned to you.

Q. Does a damaged product qualify for trade-in value?

A: In order to receive the full trade-in value available, your product should be in current working order. However, some products may contain physical or functional defects and still qualify for some trade-in value. Just answer the simple conditional questions presented as part of your product evaluation to determine your products estimated trade-in value.

Q. What about my accessories – will you recycle them too?

A: When you are recycling a product through CEBuyBack.com you can send the accessories with your product, however unless specifically asked for during product evaluation, this is not required. Accessories can be defined as a keyboard, mouse, power cords, phone charger, battery, etc.

About Shipping and Handling

Q. Who pays for shipping?

A: CEBuyBack provides a pre-paid shipping label for all Trade-in and Recycled items shipped within the United States (all 50 states).

Q. Can I ship more than one item in the box?

A: YES. Each item is assigned a specific voucher number and tracking number to insure traceability and to assist in identifying your item when received. As long as you include a separate voucher for each item packed in the same box, we have the ability to easily identify your item when received. Accessories such as keyboards, mouse, power cards may be included in the same box as the primary trade-in item.

Q. Do I need to remove batteries prior to shipping?

A: If you are planning on shipping the batteries with your qualified product, please make sure that you either tape over the conductors on the batteries or leave the batteries in the device. Batteries not eligible for reuse will be properly recycled.

Q. Do I have to clear off my personal data prior to shipping?

A: We encourage you to clear the data off of your product prior to sending it to us. For phones you should remove your SIM cards. All products received go through a certified data removal process for the device provided. This process is audited on each device prior to leaving our facility.

For phones and other devices with built-in memory, the data removal process includes a complete erasure of all numbers, contacts, data files, and other information beyond that which came on the device at purchase, and the device is restored to its original settings. Any SIM cards received with phones are removed and destroyed.

For computers and other devices with a separate hard drive, all hard drives are erased and completely rewritten, erased again and rewritten again, then erased one final time so that data retrieval is virtually impossible. For products to be recycled, the hard drives are removed and shredded.

Q. What if my item weighs more than what the shipping label says?

A: Even if your packaged item weight exceeds the estimated weight shown on your shipping label, the carrier should be able to accept your item and reweigh it at their facilities in order to charge us the correct fee. You will not be charged for the additional weight.

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